i made a giant cascading accordion zine of the NASA image by

  1. 1.resizing it to 17.5 inches high, cropping the width to 52.25 inches

  2. 2.tracing a 3.5 inch high swath from the upper left corner across to the upper right

    a. fitting this to my printer, which prints on 36 inch wide paper rolls, with begin and end tabs for holding the book

  1. 3.rotating the image 180 degrees and tracing the next 3.5 inch high swath from (lower) left to (lower) right

  2. 4.rotating the image 180 degrees.... &&& ... until i had covered the entire image

  3. 5.printing this, cutting out the 8 large panels

  4. 6.folding and seaming these 8 large panels into a 3.5 inch high by 256.5 inch wide print & a 108 page accordion book

(image credit: NASA, ESA, J. Dalcanton, B.F. Williams, and L.C. Johnson (University of Washington), the PHAT team, and R. Gendler)

Andromeda Galaxy (newstandard subedition) (cascading accordion) for LA Art Book Fair 2017

i am making a new subedition of Andromeda Galaxy, based on 3.5 inch high by 4.75 inch wide panels

(a new standard size for my cascading accordions that flows well and is easy to handle), resulting in a

3.5” x 256.5” wide print, folded into a 108 page accordion book, that animates a journey across Andromeda

when played as a cascading accordion.

in January 2015, NASA published a very high resolution image of Andromeda, our next-door galaxy

(a mere 2,500,000 light years from Earth and host to over 100,000,000 stars).  based on 7398 exposures

(411 individual pointings) using the Hubble space telescope from july 2010 through october 2013

(image at hubblesite.org).