this zine presents one full solar rotation followed by a lunar transit with a NASA moon. 

released at Printed Matter’s 10th Annual New York Art Book Fair in september 2015,

it was added to the artists’ books collection at RISD’s Fleet Library.

image credits:  Sun - NASA (SDO, AIA)

                     Moon - NASA/JPL

users animate the cascading accordion by playing it like in this video; once you get the rhythm, you can spin our Sun

(one full rotation) and then

watch our Moon fly by.

note: our Moon is blocking our Sun during the lunar transit and thus is not visible.

instead, it is represented by the absence of our Sun’s light - a dark circle crossing the face of our Sun.

i layered a classic full Moon image - taken by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft in 1992 - over these Moon shaped holes, to create

an impossible (but ever satisfying) image in which our Moon simultaneous blocks, and is illuminated by, our Sun.