in 2013 i made a notecard with a rainbow printed on one side and an inverted rainbow printed on the other side (example shown side by side below). inverting flips the hue by 180 degrees and also flips black/white. the resulting inverted rainbow is softer/brighter and for me has a feel of graphics from the 1970s.

inverted rainbow (hue variations) wip cascading accordion (open edition) (hoping to release at LAABF2017)

in an effort to make a more affordable/accessible cascading accordion (to share the idea with more people and hopefully help propagate this form), i am making a new full frame rainbow hue variation cascading accordion. i started with a photo i took of a rainbow (cropped full frame at a point where the rainbow is mostly horizontal), inverted this rainbow, and stitched together a series of 30 hue variations of that inverted rainbow (every 12 degrees of the 360 degree hue circle), creating a 3 inch high by 120 inch wide print. when folded into a 60 page accordion book, this work may be animated, when played as a cascading accordion, showing the inverted rainbow bleed into a rainbow and return back to itself.