billy ocallaghan

improper printing


(5) & recent works (released at Tokyo Art BooK Fair in Japan 2017)

*domestic release tbd (hopefully LAABF 2019) 

  (b) selected works from improper printing 2009 - present (link to examples)bv_2.html

northern California artist/publisher of

zines and cascading accordions by billy ocallaghan and friends.

new works (hoping to release at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair in 2019)

  1. (1)Moby Dick variations (cmyk offset edition of 1069)

  1. (2)32 mile horizon (200mm, cascading accordion)

(4) fountain (accordion subedition from a studio edition of 69), a collaborative work with Mohsin Shafi (based in Lahore, Pakistan)

(c) staring at our Sun (transit of Venus flyby) & staring at our Sun (transit of Venus flyby) (NASA VENUS subedition) (cascading accordions);

(f) fountain, a collaborative

work with Mohsin Shafi

(drumleaf binding edition)

  1. (a)horizons study (8-13 miles)

(cascading accordion)

part of collaborative project with nif hodgson (see below)

(d) lucky (cascading accordion)

(open edition);

  1. (b)fluid horizons by nif hodgson,

subtext press (pigment print on

film, concertina/dragon scale binding, transparent sleeve)

  1. (6)and also stocking --

  (a) Solya, by Anthony Hodgson, Smashing Press 2018

     (letterpress accordion-fold binding, (removable) wrap-around cover)

  1. (3)light, contour, & exciting the cell, by nif hodgson/subtext press

(based in Los Angeles) (letterpress, screenprint, & foil stamp book; drum-leaf binding, duplexed phase folder, screenprinted tekra slipcase)

more fluid horizonsnif_hodgson___subtext_press_2.htmlnif_hodgson___subtext_press_2.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
click for sample pagesmdrtq.html
click for sample pagesmcmfmd.html

(link to video page-through)


  1. (e)local, organic +-

    cmyk offset edition of 569

see morenif_hodgson___subtext_press.html