billy ocallaghan

improper printing

birds of america 2010 supplementbirds_supp1.html
birds of america redactedbirds_redact1.html
the gods sure are queer vol.1queer_gods_1.html

perv (local, organic) pt.1

this study may be not safe for workperv_lo_1.html
this project has its own website - (

staring at our Sun (twister) cascading accordion

lucky (2016)
cmyk offset edition of 1069 lucky.html

cmyk offset edition of 1069

(with work by 16 contemporary

artists and an essay by my co-curator Amy Cancelmo)

inverted rainbow (hue variations) cascading accordionaccordions_2.html
a million miles (EPIC 2016 photobomb & twirl) cascading accordiona_million_miles.html
Andromeda Galaxy (nwstnd subedition) 
(cascading accordion)Andromeda_2.html
staring at our Sun (transit of Mercury) 
(NASA Mercury subedition) cascading accordiontransit_of_Mercury.htmltransit_of_Mercury.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0

collection of Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK)

northern California artist/publisher of cascading accordions and zines

by billy ocallaghan and friends.

new works (to be released at the Tokyo Art Book Fair (oct 5-8, 2017))

  1. (1) tbt/horizons, the third collaborative project with nif hodgson/subtext press;

  2. (2) fountain, a collaborative work with Mohsin Shafi (from Lahore, Pakistan);

(3) staring at our Sun (transit of Venus flyby) (cascading accordion);

  1. (4) lucky (open edition cascading accordion); &

  2. (5) local, organic +- (cmyk offset edition of 569)

wip open edition cascading accordionlucky_cascade.html
staring at our Sun (transit of Venus flyby) 
wip cascading accordiontransit_of_Venus_flyby.html

we released seven new works at the 2017 L.A. Art Book Fair (and will have stock of those works), including--

we will also have available a selection of earlier works (including works in public collections)

rainbow hue variation cmyk pocket edition of 1069

(collected by MoMA Library & New York Public Library)

NO * ON (24) studio edition 75 (2017 subedition of my first zine)no_24_zine.htmlno_24_zine.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0

collected by UTSA

collected by UTSA & RISD

collected by Cal Poly SLO