billy ocallaghan

improper printing


recent works

selected works from improper printing (2009 - present)bv_2.html

northern California artist/publisher of zines and cascading accordions

new works

  1. (1)Moby Dick variations

(4) 32 mile horizon (200mm, cascading accordion)

(c) staring at our Sun (transit of Venus flyby) & staring at our Sun (transit of Venus flyby) (NASA VENUS subedition) (cascading accordions);

(f) fountain, a collaborative

work with Mohsin Shafi

(drumleaf binding edition)

  1. (a)horizons study (8-13 miles)

(cascading accordion)

part of collaborative project with nif hodgson (see below)

(d) lucky (cascading accordion)

(open edition);

  1. (b)fluid horizons by nif hodgson,

subtext press (pigment print on

film, concertina/dragon scale binding, transparent sleeve)

more fluid horizonsnif_hodgson___subtext_press_2.htmlnif_hodgson___subtext_press_2.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
click for sample pagesmdrtq.html
click for sample pagesmcmfmd.html

(link to video page-through)


  1. (e)local, organic +-

    cmyk offset edition of 569

birds of america 2010 supplementbirds_supp1.html
birds of america redactedbirds_redact1.html
the gods sure are queer vol.1queer_gods_1.html

perv (local, organic) pt.1

this study may be not safe for workperv_lo_1.html
this project has its own website - (

staring at our Sun (twister) cascading accordion

lucky (2016)
cmyk offset edition of 1069 lucky.html

cmyk offset edition of 1069

(work by 16 contemporary artists + essay by Amy Cancelmo)


various editions collection of V&A Museum, The Met, Brooklyn Museum, RISD, UVA, Yale, CMC, MICA & MCAD

collection of V&A Museum, CMC & Texas A&M

various editions collection New York Public Library, V&A Museum,


rainbow hue variation cmyk pocket edition of 1069

(collected by MoMA Library & New York Public Library)

NO * ON (24) studio edition 75 (2017 subedition of my first zine)no_24_zine.htmlno_24_zine.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0

collected by UTSA

collected by RISD & UTSA

collected by Cal Poly SLO

crumpled fades (24 page studio edition)crumple_fades.html

crumpled fades inverted (12 page studio edition)

(3) loopy lunar transit                 &      loopy lunar transit four (four filters; inverted)