billy ocallaghan

improper printing

birds of america 2010 supplementbirds_supp1.html
birds of america redactedbirds_redact1.html
the gods sure are queer vol.1queer_gods_1.html

perv (local, organic) pt.1

this study may be not safe for workperv_lo_1.html
this project has its own website - (

staring at our Sun (twister) cascading accordion

lucky (2016)
cmyk offset edition of 1069 lucky.html

cmyk offset edition of 1069

(work by 16 contemporary artists + essay by Amy Cancelmo)


various editions collection of V&A Museum, The Met, Brooklyn Museum, RISD, UVA, Yale, CMC, MICA & MCAD

collection of V&A Museum, CMC & Texas A&M

various editions collection New York Public Library, V&A Museum,


a selection of earlier works that are still available (including some works in public collections)

rainbow hue variation cmyk pocket edition of 1069

(collected by MoMA Library & New York Public Library)

NO * ON (24) studio edition 75 (2017 subedition of my first zine)no_24_zine.htmlno_24_zine.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0

collected by UTSA

collected by RISD & UTSA

collected by Cal Poly SLO