starting with my photo of a rainbow (printed on the outside cover of this zine), i make a series of copies of the image, with each new image 10 degrees further along the “hue” spectrum (as defined by photoshop) from the prior image, repeating this process through the 360 degree hue spectrum (as defined by photoshop), with the final image 10 degrees on the hue spectrum from the original image.

rainbow hue variation cmyk pocket edition of 1069

this pocket edition (72 page cmyk offset print on matte paper (50% recycled content)) contains 36 rainbow hue variations, starting with the outside cover (the base rainbow) and continuing in sequential order across 35 two-page spreads (ending one step away from the beginning along the 360 degree hue spectrum defined by photoshop).

(collected by

MoMA Library & New York Public Library)